Shayne Flaherty, Owner and Vice President of Penny Realty, has invited the heads and representatives of five of the contractors that Penny Realty works with in delivering services to the property owners in the company's portfolio.

Watch as Shayne conducts a quick interview with Eric Nunes, the representative for sales at Bonded Flooring; Tom Kennedy, the President of Kennedy Electric; Nicholas and Damian Desantis, President and Vice President of Desantis Renovation Solutions, respectively; Dale Fornta, Operations Manager of C&C Glass; and Beau Crow, President of AGP Plumbing.

According to Shayne, the caliber of Penny Realty's approach to contracted work must be known by the owners and tenants of the properties in its portfolio. By doing a series of quick interviews with the contractors that Penny Realty works with, owners and tenants will know who they are dealing with and the quality of work to be expected. This further emphasizes Penny Realty's commitment to providing quality, efficient, and timely service to its clients.

Episode Guide:

Episode 1: Eric Nunes for Bonded Flooring
Episode 2: Tom Kennedy for Kennedy Electric
Episode 3: Nicholas and Damian Desantis for Desantis Renovation Solutions
Episode 4: Dale Fornta for C & C Glass
Episode 5: Beau Crow for AGP Plumbing


In this episode, Shayne Flaherty, Owner and Vice President of Penny Realty speaks with Eric Nunes, a representative for sales at Bonded Flooring.

About Bonded Flooring

Established in 1975, Bonded is a company based in San Diego and specializes in providing services in the managed rental property industry. Since 1978, it has been a member of the San Diego County Apartment Association.

Bonded Flooring currently services the entire communities of San Diego county.


Bonded offers a range of services:

Bonded delivers its services to multi-type rental properties, from single to multi-family homes to commercial buildings. They also offer low to medium high-grade carpets.

Something You Need to Know

Eric Nunes says that their 'one call covers it all' philosophy, alongside their longstanding business history, has allowed them to establish the reputation as one of the best options for property owners in San Diego.

Being a locally owned and managed company, Bonded has been recognized over the years for its superior service and level of professionalism.

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In this episode, Shayne Flaherty, owner and VP of Penny Realty, speaks with Tom Kennedy, President of the Kennedy Electric, about his company.

About Kennedy Electric

Founded in 1987 by Tom Kennedy, owner, and President, Kennedy Electric is a full-service electrical contractor who prides itself on having a team of licensed and insured experts, as well as its fast and reliable response times and fair and competitive pricing. The company offers written estimates with no obligations to their clients, and are available in times of emergency.

Kennedy Electric is currently headquartered in La Mesa, California.


Kennedy Electric offers a range of services to residential, commercial, property management, and government clients.

First, their residential services include troubleshooting of defective electrical and lighting fixtures, conducting safety inspections, landscape lighting, recessed lighting, circuit wiring, and service upgrades, and GFCI outlet installation.

Second, their commercial services include service upgrade, meter tapping, multi-meter upgrade, ballast and lamp installation, and troubleshooting of defective electrical and lighting fixtures.

Finally, their managed property services include over 50 companies and focus mainly on troubleshooting and installation jobs, while their government services are project-based and involve technicians who have worked on security clearance projects and who are familiar with government protocol.

Something You Need to Know

Tom says that Kennedy Electric strives to make everybody happy. Shayne adds that Kennedy Electric's honesty has been key in the long-standing business relationship between the former and Penny Realty.

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In this episode, Shayne Flaherty, owner and VP of Penny Realty, speaks with the President and Vice President of DeSantis Renovations Solutions.

About Desantis Renovation Solutions

DeSantis Renovation Solutions is a family-owned business that was established in 2009. Currently, the company is headed by Nicholas DeSantis as President and Damian DeSantis as Vice President.

The company is a member of HomeAdvisor and has been recognized as an Elite Service provider and a Top Rated Business in the San Diego area.

At present, the company services the Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla, and Ocean Beach communities of San Diego.


DeSantis Renovation Solutions specializes in providing residential condo or home remodeling services, rental property maintenance and unit turnover, and commercial tenant improvements.

Some of the services that they offer include, but are not limited to:

The company also does kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Something You Need to Know

DeSantis Renovation Solutions places honesty, reliability, and pride in their workmanship as their foundation. Nicholas also adds that they are also actively involved in helping improve the community that they live in.

Learn more about Desantis Renovation Solution by visiting their website:


In this episode, Shayne Flaherty, owner and VP of Penny Realty, speaks with Dale Fornta, Operations Manager of C&C Glass.

About C&C Glass

C&C Glass has been operating for over 40 years now and is proud to be certified as a Women-Owned Small Business. It is also certified as a Small Business through the Department of General Services.

At present, C&C Glass operates from two locations: Kearny Mesa and Chula Vista in San Diego county. Some of their clients include the Country of San Diego, the Chula Vista Superior Court, and various military bases, including Camp Pendleton.


C&C Glass provides residential and commercial services.

On one hand, their residential services include residential glass services, glass windows, tub and shower enclosures, and sliding patio doors, and mirrored wardrobe doors.

On the other hand, their commercial services include storefront glass, commercial glass, commercial glass windows, and acrylic sneeze guards.

Something You Need to Know

Dale mentions that despite the growth that C&C Glass experienced over the years, it continues to operate with integrity and personal service through the one element that sets them apart from the competition: their people.

Visit the C&C Glass website:


In this episode, Shayne Flaherty, owner and VP of Penny Realty, speaks with Beau Crow, President of AGP.

Allegiance General Contractor and Plumbing, Inc., or AGP, is a residential and commercial plumbing specialist business that operates from Chesapeake Drive in San Diego. It services all areas of San Diego County and prides itself on its over 50 years of combined experience in the business.


AGP provides individualized solutions to residential and commercial clients, including those in the property management business. AGP does repair and maintenance as well as new construction and remodels. Also, AGP provides free consultations and provides money-saving solutions.

Something You Need to Know

Beau says that what sets them apart from the competition is that they do everything in-house and do not pass on work through sub-contracting. This allows them to maintain competitive pricing while maintaining the quality of their work. The AGP team is highly responsive and as Beau says, a one-stop-shop, full-service company.

Learn more about AGP here: