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Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities for your Oceanside, California rental property? If so, consider Penny Realty to help you! We are a reputable and established property management company in Oceanside that can oversee the day-to-day operations and services for your investment.

With decades of experience in the property management industry, our team of seasoned property managers has been effectively managing properties in San Diego since 1965. Renowned for delivering tailored real estate solutions that meet both the needs of property owners and the demands of tenants, Penny Realty stands out as a leader in the San Diego property management industry.

At Penny Realty, we craft customized solutions to ensure satisfaction with our property management services. We recruit only the finest professionals in the industry to uphold Penny Realty's reputation as a premier property management company in California. We offer property owners outstanding Oceanside property management services thanks to our skilled, experienced, and trained property management team.

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Our Property Management Services

The property management team at Penny Realty offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We use proven methods that consistently deliver top-tier services to property owners, ensuring their investments are occupied and well-maintained.


Your Investment Units

Have you experienced the frustration of dealing with a vacant unit? For property owners, vacancies are far from ideal.To minimize the time your Oceanside investment remains vacant, our management company uses dedicated leasing specialists for our clients. With our local market expertise, we generate a large pool of prospective tenants even before the dwelling becomes available.

Part of how we do this is by capturing high-quality photographs of your properties and syndicating your listing across hundreds of websites to maximize exposure. We also guarantee we will rent your Oceanside properties in 14 Days or less. No one can secure a qualified tenant for your rental unit as quickly as Penny Realty!

Being among the top property management companies also requires a deep understanding of the local rental market. Our targeted property marketing ensures that qualified tenants in the Oceanside area are identified, guaranteeing only the best tenants for your investment property.

Tenant Screening Process

Every property manager understands that finding suitable renters is a crucial yet time-consuming aspect of property management. Screening tenants is essential to safeguarding your investment by selecting renters who pay on time and maintain the dwelling appropriately.

This is why Penny Realty implements effective tenant screening procedures to identify exceptional renters in Oceanside who will care for the dwelling and protect your investment. We do this by carrying out credit checks, background checks, and verifying employment and rental history. Our screening process increases the likelihood of finding reputable and dependable tenants who act in the property owner's best interests.

Financial Reporting

Are you overwhelmed by the paperwork associated with property management? Managing rental properties involves extensive bookkeeping, which can be daunting. At Penny Realty, our Oceanside property management team is committed to providing clear and thorough financial


Our dedicated accounting team oversees all financial aspects of your property, ensuring organization and clarity, particularly during tax season. When you partner with us, property owners gain access to an online portal where they can view financial statements at their convenience. We keep you fully informed by providing regular financial reports through our password-protected portal.

Property Maintenance And Repair

Routine property inspections and maintenance are essential responsibilities of a property manager. At Penny Realty, we handle both routine maintenance and urgent repairs for your Oceanside property, ensuring it remains in optimal condition.

We have access to a reliable network of maintenance and repair specialists, enabling us to address any issues promptly and efficiently. Additionally, we perform essential preventative maintenance to keep your unit functioning smoothly, including landscaping, trash removal, plumbing, and roofing inspections.

Our local property managers respond promptly to tenant maintenance requests, ensuring issues are resolved promptly. We prioritize delivering exceptional service to both property owners and renters, ensuring 100% satisfaction from move-in to move-out inspections.

Rent Payments

Timely payments are essential for maximizing rental income from your Oceanside rental properties. Penny Realty is proactive in collecting rent for residential properties in Oceanside, California. Through our thorough screening process, we aim to approve financially responsible tenants, facilitating seamless rent collection.

Through our thorough screening process, we aim to approve financially responsible tenants, facilitating seamless rent collection.

Our Oceanside lease agreements outline all terms related to rent collection, ensuring clarity for tenants regarding payment requirements, deadlines, penalties, and late fees. We also provide an online portal for payments, simplifying the process for tenants to pay promptly.

We also provide an online portal for rental payments, simplifying the process for tenants to pay their rent promptly.

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Living In Oceanside, California

When you think of Oceanside, California, two things likely come to mind: the stunning weather and miles of pristine beaches. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, residents enjoy ideal beach conditions nearly every day.

What many may not realize is the rich history concealed within Oceanside. Families with roots in the area can guide you to numerous landmarks and attractions. Notable mentions include the Oceanside Pier, California Surf Museum, and Mission San Luis Rey. For history enthusiasts and military aficionados, the nearby Camp Pendleton offers a glimpse into the area's military heritage.

Oceanside boasts a significant military presence, with Camp Pendleton being one of the largest Marine Corps bases in the United States. This military influence enhances the area's security, making it an appealing location for businesses and families alike.

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