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Should You Sell or Rent Your Home? Consider These Factors

Today, I would like to discuss the decision of whether to sell or rent your home. This topic has become personally relevant to me as my adult daughter recently approached me regarding their home in Arizona. They are planning to mo... read more >>

Will Rents Increase in San Diego in 2023?

One question I get from many of our property owners and clients is, “What are rents going to do in 2023 here in the San Diego market?” As many of you know, rents have been on an absolute tear here in San Diego. We'... read more >>

You Need To Avoid These 4 Things When Investing

I’ve worked with real estate investors here in San Diego for 30 years. I've helped investors with buying, with due diligence work, managing the properties, and eventually selling them. I've also invested myself. Here... read more >>

How To Price Your Home in a Correcting Market

If you're considering listing your home on the market, you obviously want to sell quickly and for top dollar. Now that the market has shifted, what can you do to achieve these results? One of the best things you can do is to... read more >>

How to Successfully Show a Rental Property

What should you do before showing a vacancy to prospective clients? If you want to make more money from your rentals, here are a few things you need to do to help you prep the vacant rental property:Rekey the property. This is oft... read more >>

Why Our Rental Market Is So Crazy

The San Diego rental market is crazy right now—I’ve never seen a rental market like this one! Are landlords just being greedy with their high prices, and how can any tenant afford to pay them?Rental units have been an ... read more >>

Where I Think Our Market Is Headed

Is there a real estate crash in our future? This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind, so today I want to try to answer it. I’ve been keeping my eye on four vital signs of our market that can help us predict the... read more >>

3 New Revisions to the Landlord-Tenant Laws

If you own San Diego real estate and you're a landlord, I'm sorry to say there's some unsavory news coming your way. Here are the three new revisions coming to the current San Diego landlord/tenant laws:No option to te... read more >>
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